About Khlood

The name I was given at birth, Khlood, is the Arabic word for infinity. I have let my name guide my practices in healing and caring for the human body. I have been a California Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012 through CAMTC California Massage Therapy Council. The majority of my educational career has been spent studying health sciences along with 'womanology'. My visionary hope is that with this knowledge I will be equipped to provide individually based care for the clients I serve.

Olive Branch Therapy

An original line of organic, locally-sourced skin care products, includes body butter, body scrubs, and bath/foot soaks. A range of massage techniques, including acupressure, craniosacral, deep tissue/trigger point, and pregnancy massage therapies.

Khloudantics: Movement Therapy

A unique style of movement/dance therapy based on the empirical premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. There is no specific method of movement that is right or wrong in Khloudantics, so long as it is expressive, interpretive, and communicative in its essence.

Doula Services

I will act as the physical and emotional support system that you need me to be and will help advocate for the birth experience you desire. Due to currently being in the process of completing DONA certification, all doula services will be offered at no charge.